Suzanne Rosier

hype 24/7 store

- juni 2011 -

hype 24/7 store

identity and interior

Hype is a total formula, a store in which experience, product and service fit together seamlessly. Starting point for the logo is the formula concept, carried through in the trade name. The '24/7' was inspired by the periodic table of the elements and was placed at the top right of Hype. A chemical reaction unchains within the Hype concept store. A picture trade mark was designed with just 'H24'; as the brand is loaded more and more, it can be broadly used. The graphical diagonal you find in all publications stands for dynamics and a different angle (vision) Hype 24/7 wants to express. The graphical possibilities for this are endless, which is translated into the different uses.

Unfortunately the whole concept was not carried out becouse of a changed marketing plan and therefore also the name.